South African Propaganda Films Collection

Collection of films from the apartheid era. Please see each film for details.

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Selection IAfrican Powerhouse, Images of South Africa, South Africa

Selection II – Children: The PR Pawns of Terrorism, The ANC: A Time for Candour, Progress in Education

Selection III – Bantu Education, The Work Seekers, To Act a Lie, A Visit to the Border

Selection IV – Remnants of the Stone Age People, Bantu Tribes

Selection V – Anatomy of Apartheid, Soweto: The 16th of June

Selection VI – The Story of South Africa, Return of Bapu

Selection VII – Love Changes People, More than an Investment, Assegai to Javelin

Selection VIII – Transkei: Road to Independence, Kwandebele

Selection IX – Gazankulu

Selection X – We Are Marching on Pretoria, Who is Vasco Mutwa?, Hands Across the Border

Selection XI

Selection XII

Selection XIII – Africa Between the Hammer & the Sickle