Personalities, Places, Events

P = photo
F = film/video
A = audio


Aberhart, William (Canadian politician) F
Adams, Abigail F
Aga Khan and Rita Hayworth, Nairobi, 1950s F
Amateau, Rod, American scriptwriter F
Anderson, Lindsay, 1963 P
Artime, Manuel, Brigade 2506 F
Ascherson, Neal F
Attenborough, Sir Richard, working on Cry, Freedom F
Baldwin, James P
Battersby, Roy F
Baez, Joan (singing in Central Park, NY) F
Bambata (Bhambata), Zulu chief P
Barlow, Maude, political message F
Barnes, Binnie F
Barnes, Gov. Ross, Jackson, Mississippi, 1964 P
Bartholomew I, Patriarch of Constantinople P/F
Basil, Father, and District 6, Cape Town, South Africa F
Beck, Julian F
Beatles, The, TV performance 1966 P
Bendix, William F
Benny, Jack F
Benson, Mary, South African writer and historian P/F
“Big Buster”, Black South African disc jockey, 1970s F
Biggs, Ronald, Great Train Robber in Barbados F
Biko, Steve A
Bird, Tony, sings, Hunter College, 1984 A
Bizos, George, Mandela lawyer F
Bogarde, Dirk, in South Africa F
Borge, Victor, late ‘60s F
Boris, King of Bulgaria, funeral F
Botha, P.W. F
Brett, Hon. Dorothy P/F
Brink, Andre, South African writer P/F
Brownlow, Kevin, 1988 P
Bunche, Ralph P
Burns, George F
Burns, Rev. Lee W., Kirby, S. Carolina, 1964 P
Bushell, Roger, of The Great Escape P/F
Buthelezi, Chief Gatsha F
Calloway, Cab F
Cantor, Eddie P/F
Carmichael, Hoagy P
Carmichael, Stokely P/F
Carter, Elmer A., NY State Commission against Discrimination, 1964 P
Cash, Johnny P/F
Cash, June Carter P
Castro, Fidel P/F
Cele, Henry, South African actor P/F
Chamberlin, British Prime Minister, “Peace in our time” F
Chaplin, Charlie, attends premiere F
Charles, and William, Princes, ride ponies on Rotten Row F
Chevalier, Maurice in South Africa, 19502 F
Chiang Kai Chek, with Roosevelt, 195 F
Chiang Kai Chek, Madame, with husband
Cho En Lai, China, 1944 P/F
Chu-Teh, Yenan, 1944 P/F
Churchill, Winston, with Eden; leaves office of PM; 1939; inspecting troops; inspecting workers; with Roosevelt F
Clark, Glen, Premier of British Columbia, political message F
Clayton, Buck, jazz musician F
Colleano, Bonar, in South Africa F
Collins,s Judy, singing at Electric Circus, 1968 F
Cook, Peter, New York 1973 P
Cooper, David F
Collins, Judy (singing Susanne) F
Daley, Mayor (speech against Yippies) F
Davies, John Paton, American diplomat P/F
Davis, Angela (prison interview) F
Davis, Bette, in South Africa F
Davis, Rennie (Chicago ’68) F
Dash, Sam F
Day, Doris sings “You oughta be in pictures”, “ ‘Swonderful”, filmclip F Dedjer, Vladimir F
Dellinger, Dave, Chicago 1968 P
De Niro, Robert, shooting Hi, Mom!, 1970 P/F
DePalma, Brian, shooting Hi, Mom!, 1970 P/F
Devenish, Ross, South African director F
Dors, Diana at Royal Film Performance F
Du Preez, Max, South African journalist F
Dube, John, a founder of African National Congress P
Duberman, Martin, American author F
Dukes, Rev., Harlem, 1964 P
Dulles, John Foster, in Caracas and elsewhere F
Eden, Anthony, becomes Prime Minister, 1955. Review of life F
Eisenhower, President, at UN; with Anthony Eden F
Elizabeth, Princess F
Elizabeth, Queen, coronation of F
Ellsberg, Daniel, re Watergate F
Emerson, John, American diplomat P/F
Emir of Katsina, inauguration of , 1982 P/F
Farmer, James, CORE P
Faulkner, Stanley (Chicago ’68) F
Faure, William, South African director F
Feni, Dumile, South African artist F
Fields, Virginia F
Fischer, Bram, American lawyer and Communist Party head P/F
Fleets, US and Russian, 1960s F
Fleming, Rhonda F
Fountain, Letrice P
Foure, William, South African director P/F
Frankovich, Mike film producer F
Fugard, Athol A
Fulbright, Senator, 1980s P
Gabashane, Laura, South African entertainer F
Gampu, Ken, South African actor P/F
Ganyile, Lanford, Pondo, South African activist P/F
Gatti, Attilio P
Gellhorn, Martha P/F
Genet, Jean P/F
Gibbs, Jeff, environmental activist F
Ginsberg, Allen P/F
Goebels F
Goniwe, Matthew, South African anti-apartheid activist F
Goodman, Paul F
Gordimer, Nadine F
Gorman, Paul (Chicago ’68) F
Gqabi, Joe, African National Congress F
Gregory, Dick, Chicago 1968 P/F
Guevara, Alfredo (ICAIC) F
Guevara, Che, 1964; photo collection P/F
Harcourt, Mike, Premier British Columbia F
Harrison, Salisbury, 1972 F
Hayden, Tom (Chicago ’68) F
Hayworth, Rita with Aga Khan, Nairobi, 1950 F
Hussein, King of Jordan, at UN, 1950s; Jordan, 1970 F
Huxley, Francis P/F
Habash, George, leader of PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) F
Hatem, Dr. George (Dr. Ma), China, 1944 F
Havenga, Nicolaas, funeral, South Africa 1957 F
Hawkins, Jack at Royal Film Performance 1950s F
Hayek, Igor F
Henninger, Manfred, German painter P/F
Hirohito, 1930s F
Hitler, Adolf at Nuremberg; in Paris; with maps; F
Hoffman, Abbie F
Hofmeyer, Nicholas, South African director P
Hope, Bob, Berlin film festival, 1950s; New York dinner F
Hunt, E. Howard, CIA agent, Watergate conspirator P/F
Hussein, King, Jordan 1970 P/F
Huxley, Francis, British anthropologist P/F
Eisenhower, President F
Ivens, Joris P/F
Jackson, Blyden, NY CORE, 1964 P
Jessel, George, 40th anniversary in show business dinner F Johns, Glynis, in South Africa F
Johnson, President, introducing fitness programme F
Jones, Jo, jazz musician F
Jordan, Hubert F., “Black Eagle” of Harlem, 1964 P
Joseph, Adelaide, ANC F
Joseph, Paul, ANC F
Kani, John P/F
Kaye, Danny in Southern Rhodesia, 1950s F
Kelly, Fiver, South African entertainer F
Kennedy, Sen. Edward, 1989 F
Kennedy, President, inspects Brigade 2506 F
Kente, Gibson, South African director P/F
King, Martin Luther F
Kohn, Nate, American producer F
Kruger, Jimmy, South African National Party politician F
Kruschev F
Klaasen, Lorraine, South African singer F
Klaasen, Tandy, Canadian singer F
Kubeka, Abigail, South African singer F
Kunene, Mazisi F
Laing, R.D. F
Lamm, Staffan, Swedish director and writer P/F
Latakgomo, Joe, South African journalist F
Laval, Pierre F
Lenin, bio F
Lewis, Anthony, journalist P/F
Lewis, John, Georgia SNCC P
Lewis, Joe E. F
Lindsay, Lady, China World War II P
Locke, Bobby, 1938 F
Lockwood, Margaret, in South Africa F
Lollobrigida, Lola at Royal Film Performance F
Lorde, Audrey, poetess, at Hunter College, 1984 F
Lowenstein, Allard (Chicago ’68) F
Ludden, Ray, American diplomat P/F
Ma, Dr. (Dr. Hatem), China, 1944 F
Mabley, Jack, Chicago journalist F
MacArthur, General F
Machel, Samora, Mozambique, 1970s F
Mafekeng, Elizabeth, African National Congress F
Magogo, Zulu Princess sings and plays P/F
Maharaj, Mac, African National Congress P/F
Maile, Sam, South African pianist F
Malan, South African prime minister, 1950s F
Malema, Julius F
Mandela, Nelson P/F
Mandela, Winnie P/F
Mandela, Zenani F
Mandela, Zindzi F
Manoim, Irwin, South African journalist F
Mao Tse Tung, China, 1944 P/F
Maimane, Arthur, South African journalist P/F
Marcus, Gilbert, South African civil rights lawyer F
Marcuse, Herbert P/F
Marshal, John, American anthropological filmmaker F
Marx, Harpo F
Matshikiza, John, South African actor P/F
Mattera, Don, South African writer F
Masuku, Dorothy, Zimbabwean singer F
Matthews, Stanley, football player, medal at Buckingham Palace F
Mazwai, Thami, South African journalist P/F
Mbuli, Mzwakhe, South African praise poet P/F
McAlvany, American evangelist in South Africa F
McCallum, John, Australian actor F
McDonough, Alex, political message F
McLean, Don F
Mda, Peter, African National Congress F
Means, Russell (at Wounded Knee) F
Meer, Fatima, African National Congress F
Messinger, Ruth, Mandela Night at Hunter College, 1984 A
MgCina, Sophie. South African singer F
Mhlophe, Gcina, South African story-teller F
Michaux, Lewis, book store owner, Harlem P
Miller, Jack (ACLU) F
Mogotlane, Thomas, South African actor P/F
Mokae, Zakes, South African actor F
Montgomery, George F
Moore, Dudley, New York 1973 F
Moses, Bob, 1964 P
Moshesh, Daniel, South African entertainer F
Msiman, Selby, African National Congress F
Mtwa, Percy, South African actor/dramatist F
Muso, Joseph, South African entertainer, 1950s F
Mussolini in top hat, 1930s F
Mzawane, Mbulelo F
Ndaba, David, ANC representative, 1984 A Nebenzal, Harold, American scriptwriter F
Nengwekhulu, Harry, South African anti-apartheid activist F
Ngakane, Lionel, South African actor F
Ngwenya, Peter, Soweto Children’s Theatre F
Nkosi, Lewis, South African writer P/F
Ntshona, Winston F
N!Xau, Bushman of Gods Must Be Crazy P/F
O’Dwyer, Paul (Chicago ’68) P
Oakie, Jack F
Oppenheimer, Nicholas F
Owen, Tony F
Patterson, Robert, White Citizens Council, Greenwoood, Mississippi, 1964 P
Petitot, Emile (Arctic explorer) F
Petrovic, Gayo F
Phahlane, Sylvester, South African entertainer F
Powell, Dick F
Powers, Francis Gary, U-2 pilot P/F
Presser, Pat, South African journalist F
Price, George, PM Belize, 1963 P/F
Prince Philip in India or Malaya F
Prince Philip, Royal Film Performance F
Princes, British, ride in park F
Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Royal Farewell to Grenadier Guards F
Prouty, Fletcher, American author F
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Royal Film Performance F
Raeburn, Michael, Zimbabwean director P/F
Ramaphosa, Cyril F
Randolph, A. Philip P
Rathebe, Dolly P/F
Rather, Dan (Chicago Convention, 1968) F
Reagan, Ronald (cigarette commercials) F
Reynolds, Bruce, Great Train Robber, France, 1956 P
Rutherford, Eric(a), director and artist P/F
Reynolds, Bruce F
Ribicoff, Governor (Chicago ’68) F
Robertson, Pat, in South Africa F
Robeson, Paul F
Robinson, Edward G. F
Rogosin, Lionel P/F
Rolling Stones, TV performance 1966 P
Roosevelt, Pres. Franklin D; speaking to Congress; with Anthony Eden; at desk; with Churchill F
Roosevelt, Teddy F
Rubin, Jerry P/F
Rustin, Bayard, 1964 P
Sachs, Albie F
Sartre, Jean-Paul (at Russell War Tribunal, 1967) F
Savery, Alan, Rhodesia 1976 P/F
Schlesinger, Arthur M. F
Schmitz, Oliver, South African director P/F
Schneemann, Carolee, American artist F
Seale, Bobby, prison interview, and Chicago 1968 F
Seeger, Pete F
Selassie, Haile, 1930s F
Seldes, George P/F
Serote, Wally, South African writer P/F
Service, John, American diplomat P/F
Shabalala, Beryl, South African entertainer F
Shatner, William P/F
Shaw, Susan, British actress, in South Africa F
Simpson, Mayor Charles E., Greenwood, Mississippi, 1964 P
Smallwood, Joey, 1975 P
Smith, Rhodesian Prime Minister, 1976 P/F
Smith, Sheriff George. Greenwood, Mississippi, 1964 P
Smuts, Field Marshal Jan Christiaan , Waterburg, 1936 F
Smuts, General, opens law-courts in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 1934; addressing troops F
Stalin, saluting march past F
Steichen, Edward, photographer, 1964 P
Stevenson, Mickey, Motown record producer F
Stewart, Martha, actress F
Stilwell, Gen. Joseph, with Chiang Kai Chek, China, 1944 P
Sullivan, Francis J. (Chicago ’68) F
Suzuki, David F
Sweezy, Paul P/F
Tambo, Adelaide, African National Congress F
Tambo, Oliver, ANC President, in Tanzania,New York, Trafalgar Square P/F
Tana, Themba, South African musician P/F
Tate, Buddy, jazz musician F
Tavares, Norberto, Cape Verde Islands musician P/F
Temba, Albertina, South African entertainer F
Thatcher, Margaret F
Thloloe, Joe, South African journalist P/F
Thomas, Antony, South African director P/F
Tu-Deh, Chinese Communist, China 1944 P/F
Tugwana, Gabu, South African journalist F
Tyson, Harvey, South African journalist F
Udall, Senator, 1989 F
Uys, Jamie P/F
Van Dongen, Helen P/F
Vigier, Jean-Paul, (War Crimes Tribunal ’67) F
Vorster, B.J., South African Prime Minister F
Vundla, Mfundi, South African writer F
Wallace, Gov. George, Birmingham, Alabama, 1964 P
Walt, Vivienne, South African journalist F
Warren, Earle, jazz musician F
Webster, David, South African F
Weller, Philip (World Wide Fund for Nature) F
Wells, Dicky, jazz musician F
Wilding, Michael, in South Africa F
Wilkins, Roy, NAACP, 1964 P
Who, The P
Wilson, Harold, Trafalgar Square 1963 P
Wisdom, Norman, in Berlin, 1950s F
Wisdom, Norman, receives Russian dancers in London, 1950s F
Withers, Googie in South Africa, 1950s F
Woodsworth, JS (Canadian politician) F
X, Malcolm, 1964 P
X, Michael, 1967 P/F
Xaba, Nomsa, South African actress F
Yorty, Samuel, Los Angeles mayor, 1974 F
Young, Whitney P
Yumich, George (Chicago ’68) F
Zhukov, Marshal, Berlin, 1950s F

Organizations, Groups, Sects

African Inkspots, singing group F
Agriculture, India F
AIDS, Africa, Canada, Cuba P/F
American cities, 1960 F
American Space Programme F
Anti-nuclear activities, Communist F

Anti-war movement, USA, late ‘60s, early ‘70s: Chicago ’68; Yippies; Yippie commercial; Grand Central Central Station Yip-In; draft-card burning at Forth Hamilton induction centre; draft refusal, Central Park, NY, Joan Baez; street theatre; farewell party for draft resister David Zimmerman; Weather Underground; street pamphlets and graffiti; Washington Square demo; military cemetery burial, Washington; Columbia University demo; Columbia University gives sanctuary to deserter George Kaputo; draft-dodgers in Canada; Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Dave Dellinger, Allen Ginsberg, Dick Gregory, Jean Genet P/F

Archery, South Africa, 1950s F
Black church, London, 1965 P
Black Panthers, various F
Badius, Cape Verde Islands F
Ballet, Cuba, 1964 P/F
Bertrand Russell War Tribunal, Stockholm, 1967 F
Black Broadway Boys, South African entertainers F
Black Panthers, 1968 F
Blitzkrieg F
Bomber planes, German F
Boxing, police F
Brigade 2506, inspection by President Kennedy F
Buses, segregated, US F
Cabaret, USA, 1930s F
California, lifestyle late 1960s F
Cavalry, South African and various European F
Children’s songs, Zambia and South Africa F
Children’s theatre, Soweto, South Africa F
Cinema, South African, history of P/F
Cinema, township, 1990 F
Civil Rights movement, USA, 1960s P/F
Coca Cola commercial, South Africa, circa 1960 F
Cockfighting, Dominican Republic, 1967 P
Colonial history, Africa P/F
Commercials, American and South African F
Cover Girl, 1970 F
Croation officers, German-trained, World War II F
Cuban Military, Bay of Pigs, Angola F
Cruise vessel, Black Sea F
Draft resisters, USA P/F
Drug addicts and treatment, USA, Taiwan, late ‘60s F
Earth Players, drama group, South Africa F
Electronics industry, Italy, 1970s F
Fascists, Italian, 1930s F
Film posters, mainly Africa F
Flamenco, Spain, 1930s F
Floods, Mississippi, Danube F
Folk music, Breton, American, African F/A
GBB, Afrikaans rock band F
German women horse soldiers F
Germans combat Allies, France 1944 F
Germany, poverty, 1930s F
Go-carts, South Africa, 1960 F
Grenadier Guards, Princess Elizabeth farewell to F
Guerrilla warriors and warfare, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Middle East P/F
Gun control, USA, 1970 F
Gymnasts, South Africa, 1960 F
Hitler Youth F
Holidays, UK, 1950s F
Homosexuals, South Africa F
Horse racing, UK, 1950S F
Horse racing, South Africa, 1950s F
Hula Hula dance, US nightclub F
Hungarian Revolution, 1956 F
Hunter College, Nelson Mandela night, 1984 A
ICAIC, Cuba, 1964 F
Immigrants, coloured, to Britain, 1960s F
Immigrants, white, to South Africa, 1950s F
Indians, American, Crow and Navajo F
Israeli Defence Force, 1968 F
Jankeno dancers, Belize, 1963 F
Japanese Army, China and World War II F
Jazz musicians, American and South African F
Johannesburg, South Africa, 1937, traffic F
Johannesburg, South Africa, snow, 1936 F
Johannesburg, South Africa, parade of floats, 1950s F
Johannesburg, South Africa, ball-room dancers F
Juvenile delinquents, South Africa F
Kechi Indians, Belize, 1963, including dance F
Knebel, Milek, Israeli filmmaker F
Korean War F
Log-rolling contest, USA, 1950s F
Majola, Richard, South African entertainer F
Mali, women of F
Malombo, South African music combo F
Manhattan Stars, South African entertainers F
Maasai, Kenya F
Mattachine society, NY, 1968 F
Mine dancers, South Africa, 1976 P/F
Mines and mining, South Africa P/F
Migrant workers, South Africa, Lesotho F
Mosque, London, 1965 P/F
Mozambique, religion F
Munitions manufacture F
Nazis and mentally impaired F
Nazi propaganda, pre-World War II and WWII F
NDP (New Democratic Party), British Columbia, political messages, convention F
New York State Thruway, building F
New York Board of Education, demonstration, 1964 P
Newsreels, Eastern & Central Europe, 1926-1944 F
Ndebele culture, South Africa P/F
Nuclear Industry, USA, South Africa, Germany F
Ocean liners F
Parade of Floats festival, Johannesburg F
Prison, USA (Cash, Seeger); Taiwan (drug addicts) F
Public School, England, 1965 P/F
Pan-Africanist Congress, Tanzania, 1978 P/F
Palestine Liberation Organization, 1970 F
Parliament, South Africa, opening, 1950s F
Patriarchs, Greek Orthodox, 1999 P/F
Ponies, Devon, give Wild West show F
Propaganda, American F
Propaganda, Eastern European F
Propaganda, South African F
Racist graffiti, London, 1960s P/F
Racist postcards, USA, 1930s P
Radio Free Europe F
Railway, South Africa, 1950s F
Rockers motorcycle gang, London, 1965 P/F
Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 1965 P/F
Rastafarians, Jamaica, 1964 F
Refugees and camps, Sudan and Middle East F
Rat newspaper office, NY 1968 F
Radio Free Europe (American Cold War propaganda) F
Refugees, Palestinian, 1950s; 1970 F
Refugees, Hungarian, 1956 F
Rodeo, Navajo F
Russian Antarctic vessel visits South Africa, 1960 F
Sangomas, traditional healers, Zululand P/F
Schools, US, late ‘60s F
Selous Scouts, Rhodesian Civil War F
Shark’s teeth necklace, South Africa, 1960 F
Slade School, London, 1963 P
Slovakian cadets, pro-German, World War II F
South Africa, Soweto Uprising, 1976 F
South African labour battalion World War I F
Southern Rhodesia, Bushman paintings, visited by Danny Kaye, 1950s F
Space industry F
Spanish Civil War P/F
“Springboks”, South African servicemen World War II F
Starcross, hospice for babies with AIDS F
Star Trek, biography of William Shatner P/F
Striptease club, Soho, London, 1965 P/F
Summer holidays at seaside F
Steel bands, Trinidad F
Tanker, oil, on high seas, 1960s F
Taos, New Mexico, 1968 P/F
Theatre of the Absurd, NY, 1968 F
Tin-types, 1800s, extensive collection
Tito’s partisans, World War II F
Townships, South Africa P/F
Traditional healers, South Africa, Nigeria P/F
Transvestites, South Africa F
Tug-boats, 100 years old, sunk off South African coast F
UN soldiers in Sinai, 1960s F
Voodoo, Haiti 1957 P
Warships, various F
Water, pollution F
Water resources, South Africa P/F
Wine, serving of F
Workers, American, 1970 F
Wounded Knee, South Dakota, and AIM P/F
Yippies, late ‘Sixties, early ‘Seventies P/F
Yugoslav partisans, World War II F
Zanu, Zimbabwe resistance F
Zion Church, Soweto F
Zulus, from early 1900s P/F

Events & Places

Air disaster, Viscount BEA crashes in Manchester, 1950s F
Alabama prison vehicle, 1964 P
America’s Wonderlands, silent film, black & white, 1930s: Rocky Mountain, National Park, Colorado; Bear Lake; Cascade Falls; Taylor Peak; Yellowstone National Park; Old Faithful; Crater Lake, Oregan; Oregan’s coastline; Columbia River; Bryce Canyon, Utah; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Yosemite; El Capitan; sequoia trees; Monterey Peninsula; Midway Point; Bird Rock; Mt. Rainier; Niagara Falls
Alice’s Restaurant, making of film F
American Jews, historical P/F
Amman, Jordan, 1970 F
Anglo-Boer War F
Anti-nuclear movement, Europe, 1950s F
Arab-Israeli War F
Arizona, 1976 P
Aro, Nigeria, traditional healers F
Austria, floods, 1950s F
Bambata Rebellion, Zululand, 1906 P
Barbados, 1975 P
Bay of Pigs, Playa Giron invasion P
Beirut, American Embassy bombing, 1983 P
Belize, 1963 P/F
Beirut, Black September, 1970 F
Berlin, Reichstag re-built F
Berlin, sign Achtung! Sie verlassen West Berlin, 1950s F
Black Sea, 1990s P/F
Black September, Jordan, 1970 F
Borscht Belt, New York State P/F
Botswana, 1976 P/F
Britain, football pools, 1950s F
Brittany, folk music F
Burma, World War II F
California biker culture, 1974 F
California commune, 1974 F
Californian freeway, overhead, 1974 F
California Youth & Hippie culture, 1974 F
Carnaby St., London, 1966 P
Catskill Mountains, New York P/F
Central Park Bandshell, New York City, anti-war demonstration F
Chelsea, London, parade 1950s F
Chile, resistance to Pinochet F
China, World War II F
Crossroads, township, South Africa, burning of F
Cuba, Bay of Pigs invasion F
Cuba, ballet, 1964 P/F
Cuba, film industry P/F
Cuba, 1964, 1975 P/F
Cuba, Spanish-American War P/F
Czech Republic, 1999 P/F
Danube, 1990s P/F
Delaware River, USA, collision between vessels, 1950s F
District Six, Cape Town, South Africa, destruction of F
Dominican Republic, 1967 P
East Berlin, 1950s F
Eclipse of the sun, 1934 F
Egypt, 1930s/40s, 1962 P/F
Egypt, Valley of the Kings, 1962 F
Europe, 1930s F
Florence, Italy, 1970s F
Fourth of July celebrations, 1960s (Time of Our Lives) and 1970s (Seeger) F
Gaza, Israeli forces leave, 19 March 1957 F
German anti-“degenerates” propaganda, pre-WWII F
German navy visits Japan, World War II F
German forces on Russian front, World War II F
German history, World War I & II P/F
German newsreels, World War II F
Germany, children’s toys, 1950s F
Golden Gate Bridge, 1974 F
Grand Central Station Yip-In, 1968 F
Guinea, resistance to Portuguese rule, 1960s F
Gulf Islands, British Honduras F
Haiti, 1957, 1967 P
Harlem, 1964 P
Harrania, Egyptian village, 1962 P/F
Hollywood, 1940s and 1950s F
Hollywood hills, 1974 F
Hollywood sign, 1974 F
Hungarian newsreel, 1939 F
Hungarian refugees, 1956 F
Hungary, World War II and 1990s F
India, agriculture F
Israel, 1969 F
Italian war in Abyssinia F
Jamaica, 1964 P/F
Japan, German visit World War II; World War II; surrender after World War II P Japanese troops, World War II P
Jordan, 1950s P
Kariba Dam F
Lesotho P/F
Los Angeles, shot from helicopter F
Mabopane, South Africa F
Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria F
Mayesville, S. Carolina, 1964 P
Mexico, 1963 P
Mississippi State Penitentiary, 1964 P
Mississippi River flood, 1936 F
Moslem country, rioting, 1930s F
Mozambique, guerrilla war F
Newfoundland, 1975 P
Nigeria, 1974, 1982 P/F
Norway, World War II F
Nuremberg trials F
Oil tankers at sea, 1960s F
Outer space F
Palestine, West Bank P/F
Pearl Harbor bombing, 1941 F
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, USA, 1969 P/F
Philippines, American War of Annexation F
Poland, liberation of Lublin, World War II F
Pollution F
Rev. Duke’s church, Harlem P
Romanian oil lands, 1926 F
Rhodes, Cecil, tomb in Southern Rhodesia F
Rhodesian Civil War, 1976 P/F
Rhodesia, historical P
Romania, 1999 P/F
Russo-German pact F
San Francisco trolleys, 1974 F
Serbia, 1999 P/F
Sharpeville Massacre F
Sharpeville Massacre described by Michael Zondo F
Sierra Leone, 1974 P
Sinai, UN peace-keepers, 1950s F
Singapore, memorial to World War II dead F
Slovakia, 1999 P/F
Sophiatown, before and during destruction F
South Africa, apartheid P/F
South Africa, baptism F
South Africa, District Six F
South Africa, ethnic groups F
South Africa, history P/F
South Africa, holidays, 1950s F
South Africa, hospital, 1970s P/F
South Africa, military F
South Africa, mining history P/F
South Africa, nature, animals, views P/F
South Africa, nuclear industry P/F
South Africa, police F
South Africa, space tracking station F
South Africa, World War II F
Soweto, views, and uprising 1976 P/F
Spanish-American War P/F
Spanish Civil War F
Suez attack, 1956 F
Sumter, S. Carolina, 1964 P
Swaziland, 1974 P/F
Tanzania, 1978 P/F
Temple Shalom Centre, Johannesburg, opening 1950s F
Thames estuary, raising of submarine Truculent, 195 F
Tonypandy, Wales, 1966 P
Transkei, South Africa, 1985 P/F
Travelogues, South African P
Trinidad, steel bands P
Ukraine, 1943; 1990s P
Valley of the Kings, Egypt, 1962 P/F
Victoria Falls, 1950s F
Victorian England P
Victory over Japan celebration, USA F
Vienna, 4-power occupation, 1940s F
Vietnam War, North Vietnamese film F
Voortrekker Monument, South Africa P/F
West Bank Jewish settlements P/F
“Witch”, California, circa 1974 F
Wounded Knee, South Dakota, USA, 1973 P
World War I combat F
World War I, black South African labour battalion in France F
Yugoslavia, partisans World War II F
Zimbabwe, historical and 1990s P/F
Zululand, South Africa, historical and contemporary P/F


ABC’s World of Sport F
Barrel jump, 1950s F
Boxing: Clay-Patterson fight F
Boxing championship, South Africa, 1934 (?) F
Boxing, police championships, Pretoria, South Africa, 1960 F
Bowling, South Africa, 1960 (?); Rhodesia, 1976 F
Bull-fighting, Spain, 1930s F
Fencing, women’s, UK 1950S F
Fitness programme: The Time of Our Lives F
Fitness diet: The Time of Our Lives F
Football, Wolverhampton v. Barcelona, 1960 (?) F
Football, South African mine, 1976 F
Fox Hunting, UK F Golfers, women, South Africa 195 F
Hockey, women’s international, UK, 1950s F
Log-rolling, USA, 1950s F
Marylebone Cricket Club leaves South Africa F
Mohammed Ali introduces sports programme of barrel-jumping F
Olympics, Berlin, 1936 F
Rugby, Wales v. Ireland, 1950s F
Rugby, England v. Scotland, 1957 (?) F
Sports parade, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1960 F


All-state Insurance
Car commercials, 1950s
Cigarette commercials, 1950s
Groom & Clean hair cream
Prince Albert tobacco
Reagan, Ronald, cigarette commercials
Trailers for TV dramas

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