Journey to Nyae Nyae

Story of the life and death of Africa’s most famous actor, N!Xau, the “Bushman” of THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY. Bushmen N!Xau anthropology Kalahari African cinema race relations film history Jamie Uys

directed by: Daniel Riesenfeld
produced by: Daniel Riesenfeld
(2006) 25 minutes

This is the story of N!Xau, the Bushman hero of the most successful African film ever made, THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY. “Discovered” by South African director Jamie Uys, N!Xau was catapulted into international fame when he was turned into a romantic Kalahari hunter. Uys insisted that this was the life that N!Xau actually led, when in fact he had been a school cook, and never in his life subsisted from hunting. Director Daniel Riesenfeld tracked N!Xau to his home community in the Kalahari, where he was living in obscurity, and recorded what would tragically be the last weeks of his life.