The Grass is Singing

One of only 2 films author Doris Lessing ever allowed to be made from one of her novels.

directed by: Michael Raeburn
produced by: Chibote Ltd. Zimbabwe, Swedish Film Institute/ITM London
(1972) 100 minutes
90 min

With Karen Black, John Thaw, and John Kani – Based on the novel by Doris Lessing

“Brilliantly reflects the insight of Doris Lessing’s work.”
– Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle

“Black gives her finest performance tracing the sexual repression and despairing anger of a woman on the edge.” – Judith Christ

“Karen Black triumphs in one of the most demanding roles of her career.”
– Kelvin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“John Thaw – a superb, unstinting performance.”
– Daily Mail, London

“Fine literary adaptation.”
– The Guardian, London