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  1. I am interested in obtaining or where i can get a copy of the Peter Davis, The Rise and Fall of the Borscht Belt. I spent many a summer working in the hotels and earning money for undergraduate and graduate schools. The friends made were many, memories spin in my head to this day and the girls we met and some of us married. I very much cherish those years but have little material to help me go back in time. thank you for any help you can offer. I have bought and read Richman’s book and the other is by Kanfer.Both good but stirred me for more visual pieces ….

  2. I am interested in the film Legacy of Jon Gates…are you able to send it online….and if so…what is the cost…many thanks….deborah

  3. I am interested in obtaining a copy of the Bram Fischer film. Please advise how I can do so, and the cost. Many thanks.

  4. Greetings:

    If available and for a reasonable price, am interested in obtaining a copy of the film, “The Rise and Fall of the Borscht Belt” (1982, 1987?).

    Please let me know the status and availability of this film. As you may have seen, the Yeshiva University Museum in NYC is exhibiting photos by Marisa Scheinfeld on the ruins of the Borscht Belt.

    Thank you kindly,

    Howard Stanger

  5. Hi. I wanted to know if the documentary ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE is available on DVD and if I closed captioning.
    Roberto D’Angella

  6. I have only just seen your request re ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE. Are you still interested?
    Peter Davis

  7. I have only just seen your inquiry about the Bram Fischer documentary. Are you
    still interested?
    Peter Davis

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